Messy Moving Boxes

Want to know what it's like to have to close your business during a pandemic?

I can answer that... NO. You don't. It looks a lot like that photo, with some things neatly packaged and others just gaping open and disorganized. It is a mixed bag of emotions and thoughts ranging from despair to relief to excitement, no joke, and it's just confusing and sad and downright infuriating.

In all honesty I cannot say that Tinker (the physical part--the studio location) was "my dream" because that isn't entirely true. It was just one of my dreams, and I have a bunch more where that came from. But I do feel a bit robbed because I was so darned close to actually breaking even, which is the first goal of any new brick-and-mortar business--pay those expenses. February was my best month ever, and then...CORONAVIRUS. Ugh.

But my grieving lasted about 5 minutes. Oh, I still get a burst of "well, crap" every now and then, but mostly I'm just thankful. I'm thankful because

  • Nobody in my family so far has been deathly ill with this thing,
  • My debts from the business are relatively small and not tied to the home,
  • My landlords graciously allowed me to renegotiate the lease and a new tenant was found almost immediately, releasing me from more than a year of rent,
  • My husband's job has continued uninterrupted, so the home and family have not been in jeopardy.

I am grateful for these things and so much more. But I wouldn't want to leave out one more thing I'm grateful for, and that is you, my customers. All of you have been so kind, so generous, and so willing to work with me during this difficult time. I am in the process of emailing everyone to make arrangements for remainder studio time and such, and to offer you the chance to try out Tinker at Home, my new livestream instruction platform, which is still being built and tested. (The name may change.)

I cannot thank all of you enough for believing that Tinker was a good idea, and I hope someone else can start something similar when we're able.

Take care of each other,