It’s taken quite a while to feel like the studio is coming together, but today is feeling almost magical. The date I’m posting this is, after all, 1-23, a curious, interesting set of numbers.  There are many other references to 23 all by itself, everything from Discordianism to the movie 23 with Jim Carey. In numerology and the more mystic circles, it’s considered an “angel number”… most of the sources I found talk about how this number is urging you to be faithful to your life purpose, which certainly seems to apply here. But the real significance for me is that I just have a cosmic, “get-it-done” feeling, so that is enough for me.

I am super-excited to announce the first set of classes to be offered at Tinker TradeSpaces! Supply cost and machine use are included in these 3 classes, and everyone who completes one or more of this first set of classes will receive a 10% discount* on their next class or workshop booking at Tinker TradeSpaces.

Our class booking system is currently being built, so for now, please call or email (see below) to schedule classes. We have a 4-person minimum for each of these classes (some upcoming classes will vary), so any classes that don’t have adequate interest will be postponed to a later date.To register for a class, call 519-896-4949
or email us:
(Please put the class name in the subject line)*Discount applies for classes scheduled for up six months after first class date; discount does not apply to studio time bookings.

Learn the basics of crochet in an evening
Monday, 11 February 2019 7-9 pm
$35 per person

Crochet is definitely back in style! Whether you want to learn enough to be able to whip up a quick hat or scarf, or if you want to make one of those retro granny square afghans, you can get a solid start in this short introductory course. You’ll learn how to start, basic stitches, and how to read a written or graphic crochet pattern. Projects you can choose to complete in this class include makeup remover pads, dishcloths, and washcloths. Because this class is short, you may need to complete your project after class. The good news is that you receive 1 free hour of studio use (and my help) after completing this class!

Cost of this class includes hook and yarn, including any yarn left from your project.

​Basic Sewing Skills Most Humans Need
Tuesday, 12 February 2019, 7-9 pm
$40 per student

It’s safe to assume that everyone has had some sort of struggle that a tiny bit of sewing skills could solve or even prevent. This class is for people who want to tackle everyday and occasional challenges, things like

  • Sewing on (and re-attaching) buttons so they stay there
  • Repairing a hemline (pants, sleeves, etc.)
  • Mending and reinforcing seams
  • Mending holes in fabric
  • Correcting simple fitting problems

Many of these tasks require only some easy hand sewing, but you’ll also learn how to do some things faster and better by using one of our sewing machines. You’ll even learn some ways to mend, repair, and create without ever sewing a stitch, and you’ll also learn how to know when you’ll need the help of a professional. And maybe best of all, it’s just ONE class, and you get to keep your “Survival Kit” –a handy, easy to store sewing kit which includes all of the things you’ll need to use the skills you’ve learned (well…except for a sewing machine, but you can always come back and use ours!).

This is a short introductory class–however, there will soon be a full-length class on mending at a future date.

All supplies and machine use are included in this course, but if you have an item that needs one of the repairs mentioned above, you are welcome to bring it so we can determine whether it fits into the lesson plan.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 7-9 pm
Help the environment by learning how to take your home and life closer to zero-waste.
$40 per person

Be more eco-friendly yet crafty in several ways we’ll cover in this class.

  • Reducing fabric waste in your own sewing
  • An intro to upcycling
  • Creating items for home and individual use which replace disposable items

In this class you’ll create at least one project you can take home, and you’ll receive instructions for several more.