While doing some research for this blog and for my studio, I ran across some fantastic info, reams of it, in fact. It took weeks to get the Big List together, and as I searched for Canadian online fabric stores, I found more and more categories of things I wanted to save–organizational tools, expert tips and advice, other suppliers…and project ideas. Just one such kernel of inspiration was this project, a free pattern offered on Craftsy.com.

Lovely, right? I thought, Wow, that would be a great thing for me to try. Not only is it seasonally appropriate, it would make a good trial run for the new Janome HD718’s I’ve bought for the studio. They’re heavy-duty domestic machines, and I need to make sure they’ll sew all kinds of things.

When I do a tutorial on this blog, I’m always going to try and do it in some different way as well as impart to you what worked for me and what didn’t. And let me tell you, doing this project has made me DOUBLY glad that I’m about to move into Tinker TradeSpaces, because trying to do this project with the jammed-up space I currently have was not the easiest. It’s not a terribly space-consuming project (other than laying out the pieces to check fit and form)…I just have a ton of stuff to move in, and right now it is piled and stacked everywhere. I also don’t have the proper camera here, nor the overhead setup (which is why this is a written/photo tutorial and not a video), so please bear with the quality.

This post is broken into 2 parts to help on download times. At the end of the tutorial is a link to a downloadable .PDF file (for those of us who prefer to print it out).