About Tinker's Move Home

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This pandemic has definitely put a kink in my plans for Tinker. I closed the doors to customers (including small business users) on March 12 of this year, and Tinker (which ironically almost made it to break-even in February) was like most small businesses-closed and without revenue. Tinker also didn't qualify for any government assistance, so at the end of May I made the difficult decision to renegotiate my lease and move the studio to my home.

This means I must change my plans for Tinker in a big way, and I'm starting with building a strong library of free video content, and I will also be building a membership-based platform with special content and services, though that will take longer.

If you are a Tinker customer who has unused (but paid-for) studio hours, I'll be contacting you in the next week or two to find out how you'd like to handle that, whether it's a partial refund or some sort of exchange for services. Customers can expect an email sometime before July 13, 2020.

Also, Tinker is currently a corporation, which made sense for a physical location, but not for a home-based business, so there may be a name change in the future. I'll try to make the transition as seamless and painless as possible.

I'm still going to offer instruction, and I'm working with a local university class to incorporate technology in a way that we can better do that remotely. Custom sewing, alterations, and other sewing-related services will also continue.

Thanks for being a part of Tinker's past, and I hope you choose to be a part of its future, too, whatever that may be.

About Me and the Reason for Tinker


I'm Dayna, owner and founder of Tinker TradeSpaces.

After an almost 30-year career in Medical Laboratory Science (including stints in clinical labs, research, industry, quality assurance, and even a startup), I decided I wanted to do something creative. I have been sewing since I was about 8 years old, and I thought of maybe sewing from home, but that would mean having people come and go from my house, up and down my stairs, and I was leery of the liability of that. Plus, I didn't have the room to do much. I then thought of finding a business location for that, but like other creative businesses, sewing for the public can be so volatile--feast or famine--and I really didn't know anyone in the area either. (My former job was in the U.S./working from home.) As I talked to people at my part-time job, I found out that many others face similar issues, all with the same basic root.

Our homes are already packed! With our families and all their activities, with stuff...how are we to maintain a home and also cram a business in there? From the former wedding shop owner who just couldn't pay rent all year with such a seasonal thing, to the person who wanted to test out the market for a great idea but lived in a tiny apartment, to the guy who needed a place to have his crew meet twice a month to assemble the product...and it occurred to me that flexible access to creative workspace was the answer to everyone's needs.

And such a place could also be used by hobby crafters & sewists. Why not have a place where people can learn new skills, take a class, share ideas, use specialized equipment, and maybe even buy some needed supplies or things made by other crafters?

I found the place, complete with ample parking and an open, bright workspace. There is a private office available for either short or long-term use, and a creative business person can use space in the studio for a day starting at $20 or monthly starting at just $150, with all common elements included (wifi, etc.) Tinker has domestic sewing machines, sergers, a huge cutting table, and many tools and supplies, and I'm there to provide help as well. It's not just for sewing, either--we can accommodate many other crafts and skills.

But why call it Tinker TradeSpaces, you might ask? My oldest daughter actually suggested the name after I explained the idea to her. "Tinker" was in honour of my dad, who called himself a "tinkerer" in the truest sense of the word. When something needed to be repaired or made or even invented, he was determined to do it himself, and he always made sure to do it the right way. He would acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, and he'd only do the job when he was sure he could do it properly. He was always sure to keep costs down, reuse and recycle when possible, and he loved to pass on what he knew, as well as to help those who needed the help. "TradeSpaces" explains what I want most from the space--I want to help others grow their own business, to collaborate when possible, and to be the bridge between home business and....well, the sky is the limit.

Hope to see you in the studio!

Tinker is still here to help you learn and create.

What can you do at Tinker?

Check back soon to learn about Tinker's upcoming online instruction.


Part of our mission has always been to make it easier for you to market your creations*. Once physical distancing restrictions are loosened, we still may be able to help you with:

  • Setup for overhead (top-down) video for how-to video production and similar
  • Consultation on how to set up and produce online instruction
  • Collaboration on projects and cross-marketing
  • Buyer group for creative supplies

*At this time, customers must supply their own cameras, audio equipment, and computers with editing software.

** Teachers of classes produced by Tinker share knowledge, whether gained from life experience, professional experience, or credentialed education. However, we do not provide credentialed education in any form. We are happy to give you our personal opinions of your creations and your marketing tools, but they do not constitute professional advice.