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This site is being updated.

Please be patient while I add and update content.

The Tinker TradeSpaces studio has closed, but you can still get help with sewing. Whether you are a true beginner or you just want help with a project or technique, I can do that!

Although I cannot accept any more in-person students at this time (due to Covid-19 restrictions), I am developing a full array of online resources for your use. Many are free, and some content will be available to subscribers. Other things that are coming soon include:

  • MSE Buyer's Club: Take advantage of my access to wholesale suppliers by pre-ordering your bulk sewing supplies and fabrics. Projected start date for this is 1 October 2020.
  • Sew For Me: MakeSewingEasy.com will soon feature a searchable list (or similar) of sewing pros and crafters who are available to do work for you in your area. Though at first this will include only Southwestern Ontario, I will expand it to the rest of Canada in the near future.
  • PDF Pattern Production: Have your original design put into digital format. Whether you want to keep it for your own use or you want to sell it to the public (either on MakeSewingEasy.com or your own website), I may be able to help.

Are you looking for content from TinkerTradeSpaces.ca? Check here:

Looking for the FrogFaces Mask Tutorial? Instructions/video links here!

FrogFaces Mask Side View

I'm now making a new mask design, and I think you'll love it! It has

  • Sizing that can be checked before order (I'll show you how), sizes XS to 2XL
  • Fitted shape that still leaves room for talking
  • Bendable nose bridge sewn in and able to withstand at least 40 washings (we're still testing!)
  • Comfy ear straps made from swimsuit fabric; they're stretchy but not irritating, and you adjust to fit prior to first wear with no need to adjust further
  • I'm working on a tutorial and video so that you can make them yourself!

This mask is an original pattern created by me, but it incorporates the best elements of others I've seen. I'll list these here shortly.

Tinker still offers custom sewing for any project--call 519-896-4949 or email for more information.

Welcome to Tinker!

Tinker can:

  • Provide help with your sewing skills or a project - we are currently in test phase for online help/instruction
  • Design or modify your design for a custom project
  • Alter your clothing or teach you how to do simple alterations
  • and much more--just ask!

Coming soon!

Virtual learning (including livestream events) and when the platform is ready, Social Sew Online!

Coming Soon: Tinker's Buyer's Group

I'm busy building a buyer's group to help all of us save money on supplies by combining our purchasing power!

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